Outstanding ESG Enterprises Recognition Scheme 2024

The “Outstanding ESG Enterprises Recognition Scheme 2024” is jointly organized by Sing Tao News Corporation and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and has achieved significant participation from well-known companies since its inaugural event in 2023. The scheme aims to recognize outstanding companies actively practicing ESG principles and to enhance public awareness of ESG through industry expertise and knowledge sharing.

The core objectives of the “Outstanding ESG Enterprises Recognition Scheme” include commending corporate ESG performance, providing in-depth evaluations and recommendations from a professional committee, and facilitating learning and exchange among enterprises through ESG workshops offered by PolyU. By providing professional advice and the latest ESG knowledge, the scheme aims to effectively enhance corporate performance in the three key areas of environment, society, and corporate governance.

The scheme includes: “Prestigious ESG Accomplishment of the Year”, “Outstanding ESG Environmental/ Social/ Corporate Governance Performance Awards” and “ESG Commendation Certification”. In addition, the “ESG Innovation Technology Application Awards” have been newly established this year with the aim of honoring companies that have achieved remarkable milestones in the ESG field. These achievements are recognized specifically for their implementation of innovative solutions and technological applications, encompassing areas such as clean energy technology, data analytics, AI, and more.

All awards and recognitions are determined through a professional selection process by Sing Tao News Corporation, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and KPMG, to ensure that the awarded companies have met the criteria for ESG management policies and performance. The organizers will further provide professional feedback and recommendations on the ESG performance of all participating companies, with the aim of effectively improving their performance to further enhance their ESG levels.

The awards will be presented during the “ESG Enterprises Certification Awards and Sustainable Development Forum 2024.” Besides honoring the winning companies, the event will feature seminars where industry leaders share their insights on various topics.

Moreover, awarded companies will have the opportunity to participate in ESG workshops organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. These sessions are designed to offer comprehensive and diverse strategies for applying ESG, helping businesses achieve sustainable development through ESG practices.

Open for Entry

From Now

Submission Deadline

15 July 2024 12:00 nn

Judging Process

15 July – 31 August 2024

Public Voting

14 - 20 August 2024

Outstanding ESG Enterprises Recognition Ceremony and Sustainable Development Forum 2024

September 2024

ESG Workshop

End of 2024

Eligibility Criteria

Each Company are required to have a valid business registration from Hong Kong, Mainland China, or abroad (each “Applicant”). 

Award Categories

Level 1 (Highest Honors)

Prestigious ESG Accomplishment of the Year

Level 2 (Professional Certification)

Outstanding ESG Environmental Performance Awards
Outstanding ESG Social Performance Awards
Outstanding ESG Corporate Governance Performance Awards

Level 3 (Commendation Certification)

ESG Commendation Certification


ESG Innovation Technology Application Awards

*Recognize businesses that have made notable achievements in the ESG field through innovative solutions and the application of various technologies, including clean energy technology, data analytics, AI, and more.

Application Method

All applicants are required to submit the following documents through email or by post. Please specify “Outstanding ESG Enterprises Recognition Scheme Application” on the email title or the envelope cover.

Email: [email protected]
Address: New Media Business, 8/F, Sing Tao News Corporation Building, 7 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Tseung Kwan O, N.T., Hong Kong

  1. Application Form
  2. Latest ESG Sustainability Report (full set) or
  3. Latest ESG Sustainability Report Summary, event circulars, pamphlets, press release etc.
For apply ESG Innovation Technology Application Awards, the applicants must submit the following documents:
  1. Introduction of ESG innovative solutions or technological applications

Evaluation Criteria

PillarsKey Themes Key Indicators
EnvironmentEnvironmental Management SystemEnvironmental Management System
Green Business ObjectivesLow-carbon plans or targets
Green procurement policies or plans
Green ProductsCarbon emission
Sustainable products or services
External Environmental CertificationProduct or firm obtaining environmental certification
Waste and Water ManagementWaste and water management system
Implementation of Technological InnovationNew technology/Methods to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment
SocialSystemic FrameworkQuality of social responsibility
Health and SafetyTargets or plans to reduce safety accidents
Gender equality
Social ContributionSocially responsible donations
Employment growth opportunity and training system
Employment welfare
Poverty alleviation
Quality ManagementProduct or firm obtaining quality certification
Customer Relation Customer service system
Corporate GovernanceInstitutional DevelopmentESG self-supervision
Governance StructureBoard-to-supervisory ratio quality including diversity, independence, and committee roles
Financial reporting and auditing quality
Business OperationsTax transparency
Operational RiskSupplier relation stability